Mission statement
Mission statement

Mission statement

KIEFEL Automotive s.r.o.: Our customers' partner

At KIEFEL Automotive s.r.o. you have a partner by your side who prioritizes your interests. Customer-orientation lies at the heart of our product and service mission. We will support you throughout the entire life cycle of the products which you manufacture using our tools. Our engineers and our management team will dedicate all their experience and commitment to the success of our customers. Our motivation is the satisfaction of knowing that overcoming great challenges can lead to great products.


Your vision, your wishes and your demands are decisive for the quality of our products and services. Our promise of quality is only achieved when you are entirely satisfied. We are committed to an on-going program of improving the efficiency of all techniques and processes in your interests. And it goes without saying that at all phases of our co-operation we guarantee you the highest levels of confidentiality.


Our quality management is certified according to EN ISO 9001.


KIEFEL Automotive: Strong as a team


A lean organization and a team-oriented leadership encourage innovation potential. With transparent procedures and reliable information flows, all colleagues involved in a project have access to all relevant data. KIEFEL Automotive s.r.o. employees have the opportunity to develop their personal profiles, in order to be able to operate more independently and resourcefully. We see ourselves as being in partnership with our employees, to our mutual benefit.

KIEFEL Automotive: The environment first


A constant priority for KIEFEL Automotive s.r.o. is minimizing waste of energy and natural resources. To this end we are continually reviewing and optimizing our processes. We utilize environmentally friendly materials and technologies innovatively. Environmental protection is our highest priority at all of our production locations.


Our environmental management is certified according to EN ISO 14001.


KIEFEL Automotive: A part of society


KIEFEL Automotive s.r.o. sees itself as a part of society. We are committed to economic sustainability well beyond what the law requires. We are environmentally conscious, take social responsibility seriously and contribute to the economic development of our region. We are strong partners in our solidarity with those who are disadvantaged.


KIEFEL Automotive: Regulatory Compliance as management responsibility


Regulatory compliance is a self-evident part of our management culture. KIEFEL Automotive s.r.o. obliges every member of our staff to follow all relevant laws and internal regulations at all times.