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About us

Shaping the Future

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for the International Automotive Industry

Since its foundation in 1992, KIEFEL Automotive s.r.o. (former SWA s.r.o. - Systemtechnik für Werkzeuge und Anlagen) has been developing technical systems that optimize the operation tasks of tools and machines for some of the major car manufacturing brands and their suppliers. Located in the Czech district of Pilsen, KIEFEL Automotive designs, develops and produces tools and systems for interior, exterior and acoustic components for the automotive industry. KIEFEL Automotive has an international clientele with over 70% of its products used at car manufacturing plants around the world.


KIEFEL Automotive s.r.o. works with the latest computer-aided design and production techniques. As a result, customers profit from the highest degree of process reliability, quality and cost-effectiveness.

At KIEFEL Automotive s.r.o. we continue to support customers throughout the life span of the tools, machines and systems; from the initial planning, through start of production to maintenance and modernization.


Even in the initial development and design stages, the requirements of each production stage are taken into account (consideration). Our aim is to efficiently combine several process steps in a single operation. KIEFEL Automotive s.r.o. tools meet today’s technical challenges, such as three-dimensional hole-punching, or the shaping of carbon fibre materials in large-batch production.


At present over 130 highly qualified colleagues are on call to meet all the wishes of our customers.

KIEFEL Automotive s.r.o. - Shaping the Future